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    There is no reason that just because you are on vacation you shouldn’t be able to continue with your normal regular fitness and eating regimens. Although, I do understand there are a few things you may need to switch up if they are not readily available for you, most of the time there is always an alternative. It has taken me a long time to really figure this part of my life out because I do love to eat and sometimes when you are not home your life is slightly thrown off what it’s typically used too.


           1. Pack your Food

    This is a major major major important step that took me years to figure out properly. Whether it be a road trip to the beach or a trip out of the country, packing certain foods is essential for me to feel and look my best. I always stack my suitcase full of PEScience’s travel sized protein packets- you can throw these in your suitcase and even travel out of the country with them.. if you have not tried this brand of protein you need too, they even have a full Vegan line. I also will always make sure to put in different snacks like mini almond packs, rice cakes (opt out of bread and replace using rice cakes for sandwiches ), and granola bars. If you are traveling via road trip I always try to bring a cooler with deli shredded turkey, fruits, and veggies. For the most part, if you are traveling within the U.S. or even out of the country there should be a local grocery or market that you can always pick up the essentials at as well. I just like to take a little bit of home with me wherever I go just in case I do not like something somewhere else. I am super picky


    2. Stay Active

    Staying active any chance you have is vital to keeping in shape when you are not home. I highly suggest opting for the stairs when you can and waking up early if possible to get a morning jog in if you’re in a nice area! I know that if I motivate myself early in the mornings the rest of my day goes way smoother and I immediately feel better about myself. Whenever I go to the beach I love getting out and jogging along the coastlines. If you are staying at a hotel, most hotels now try to accommodate gym goers by at least having a few hand weights and a treadmill available. Another great way to stay active is to participate in all the activities you can! I typically do more walking on vacations than I do back home so I love to bring my Fitbit with me to track my steps for fun.


     3. Pack Active Clothing

    I absolutely think packing active wear helps motivate me to get up, get out, and get active. It also holds you accountable to yourself! Whenever my clothing starts fitting a little too tight I know that I need to lay off of the junk food. You should always feel ready to conquer the world when you are in your athletic attire. If I can recommend anything to you all in regards to athletic apparel I literally only wear Gymshark. They have the most incredible leggings in the entire world, and they are 100% squat proof. I wear them almost every day LOL.


    4. Limit your Drinking

     Limit your drinking while on vacation. Trust me, it is super easy to let this get out of control if you’re in an environment that is heavily surrounded by alcohol, which most of the time when you go on vacation you are. There are always smarter options on menus for you to choose from if you do plan on drinking so that you can still enjoy yourself while making healthier choices. For example, try opting for the skinny margarita instead of the grande with salt, the skinny margaritas are typically significantly less in calories and contain a lot less sugar than your regular margs. I tend to eat a lot less healthy after I have been drinking which really keeps me from drinking these days. If you are not a fan of alcohol but want to indulge in something refreshing, try a BCAA slushie! I will make a post about this soon, but this is a great alternative to alcohol if you want something similar to a daiquiri.



    It is always important to stay hydrated, even when you are not traveling. However, sometimes with all of the moving around whether it be in the car or via plane it is hard to keep track of how much water you are consuming. Typically I find myself the most dehydrated after a long day of flying, it is super important to make sure you are getting enough water. Try to always bring a large bottle of water with you at all times. You can always refill it if you need too. Dehydration also often can mask itself as hunger, leading you to snack on things you don’t really need when your body isn’t actually hungry. Staying hydrated will help keep your metabolism moving at a higher rate and it also prevents you from snacking on any junk you may be tempted to grab out of convenience. There are so many benefits of staying hydrated! Grab yourself a cute refillable bottle- I have a clear one I always bring with me too concerts so I do not have to spend money on bottled water there- it is so helpful!


    6. Portion Control 

    Eating out is pretty common when you go on vacation because you want to enjoy yourself and you do not have a kitchen at your disposal to cook your own meals. Going out to eat can be very stressful at times if you are trying to stay healthy because as much as you attempt to micromanage your waiters and your food options you still kind of end up settling. Of course there are better options than others when you choose to eat at a restaurant, and some places even now have a special section of the menu dedicated to “lighter” options which is so great! To be honest, I think portions at most restaurants are way over board, what I like to do is ask for a to go box early, box half of my plate so that food is not in front of me and if I am still hungry after I finish my meal I will nibble at the other half. I also do my best to skip the bread, chips, and starter plates- although I must confess if the salsa is good enough I can’t resist. You always just need to stay aware of what you are eating and how much you are consuming.


    7. Do NOT Give Up!

    There may be times when you feel yourself falling off of the healthy horse. There may also be times when you feel bloated, stressed out, or like that chocolate cake you had was a cheat so what harm would cheating a little extra do? Avoid this mentality at all costs! Mind over matter. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are continuously cheating yourself, because essentially that is what you are doing cheating yourself. I want you to always feel good about your bodies, yes, yes, way easier said than done– I know this. However, keeping a positive mentality is vital when wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. If you wake up in the morning ready to conquer the day- tell yourself that you have control over what you put into your body! It is your life, take control of your lifestyle 🙂


    8.  Get your Rest

    You have finally made it! You are officially on vacation. Take this time to allow your body to get the essential rest that it deserves. Sleep in your first morning, relax and unwind. Getting a good nights sleep is really important, not only to staying healthy, but also to looking and feeling your best. Not getting enough beauty rest can lead to energy imbalances causing you to feel groggy and lazy during the day. So– get some sleep! You will feel so much better!

    9. Plan Ahead of Time

    It is super important to make sure that you plan for whatever you are going to be doing during your vacation if you are hoping to fit a few work outs in. I typically go with my boyfriend and his family to Florida during the Summer where we stay in a residential area on the beach. I am very familiar with what everyone wants to do ahead of time so whenever I wake up early to jog the beach or something- I am doing it on my own time and not on anyone else’s. Whenever you vacation with others it is important to manage your time wisely- you do not want to be the person who sleeps in and then asks everyone to wait on you while you go to the gym. So make sure you set your alarm if you want to make the most out of your day- you always feel better once you squeeze in a little cardio or a few reps of weights- and keep in mind- a little bit is always better than nothing!


    10. Keep Track of Yourself

    So this sounds a lot easier said than done, but I find that whenever I wear my Fitbit or keep tabs about my eating in My Fitness Pal I am significantly more alert and productive than I am without these tools. I understand you are on vacation and sometimes you want to unwind and relax and these can be a little tedious but in all honesty– they do work. If you are wanting to keep yourself on track- whether it be reaching a fitness goal, training for something, or just working on being a better you- keeping track of your progress is a major way to not only hold yourself to your goals, but keep you aware of what your are consuming and how much you are moving around. I currently own a Fitbit Blaze and love mine- I know there are a lot of different ways to track your steps now too, so whatever works best for you is great!


    I would love to hear from you all how you keep in shape on vacation! I am always looking for ways to better myself as well. If you have any tips or tricks shoot me an e-mail or leave me a comment! I love hearing your advice 🙂 





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