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  • 2018 RAB/NAB Radio Show



    So what exactly is the RAB/NAB Radio Show and what do these acronyms stand for? Well RAB stands for the Radio Advertising Bureau and NAB stands for the National Association of Broadcasters. The Radio Show is basically like your one stop shop for all things radio, when they say it’s the ULTIMATE destination for radio, they are correct. They have everything from informative booths, seminars, radio shows being host on the side, and major awards shows. If this is your first time attending the radio show I highly recommend downloading their app, it is incredibly informative and super easy to navigate. The main subject this year at the radio show had a lot to do with podcasting, social media, and the future of digital marketing in radio.





    There were so many fantastic takeaways at the Radio Show it would be hard to just select one thing. However, if I had to select one session that really stood out to me the most it would be “Turning Digital into Dollars: Unlock the Secrets to Digital Success”. I was highly impressed with the panel, the information, and the ideas that were thrown around during this particular session. Here is a list I compiled of things I thought could benefit you in terms of growing your brand and staying socially relevant in our day and age today.




    • Keep your posts around 40-80 characters long.
    • Include a clear message or a call to action
    • Include a photo or a video in your message
    • Tag the relevant people in your post.
    • Be sure to stay on a relevant posting schedule.



    • Use visually appealing images..
    • Make sure that your captions are engaging to your audiences.
    • Tag @ the appropriate users, and use #hashtags that are relevant to your location and your post.
    • Always use a location tag.
    • Allow your photos to tell a story. Keep it finely polished.
    • Make sure the photos you post are aesthetically pleasing, users love perfectly curated accounts.


    • Make sure that your tweet is 120-130 characters long.
    • Include a relevant gif/video/poll
    • Tag the appropriate users in your post.
    • Use #hashtags
    • For station events and contests, create your own custom hashtags to engage with users on a more personal level.



    1. Use a tool to schedule your social media posts.
    2. Embed your social media feed on your website if you can.
    3. Link posts back to your website
    4. You always want to try and post about trending topics (holidays, sports, challenges etc)
    5. ALWAYS try to encourage audience interaction when possible! Respond to the users who message you, everyone loves to be recognized!




    The Podcast Boom was the major “trending” topic at the 2018 Radio Show this year. Why? More than likely because of their star studded headliners. Mario Lopez, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Jewel, and Elaina D. Smith were just a few of the panelists chosen to speak at this seminar. This one was more of a guilty pleasure for me. I have always been a fan of Saved by The Bell, and I have really been intrigued with the way Kaitlyn Bristowe has transformed being a reality tv personality into a business and successful podcast. Podcasting is such a hot topic right now. One of the most important things I learned about podcasting is how important it is to engage with your audience. Also, just like every other social media platform, it is extremely important to have a content schedule planned out. Consistency is key.


    I can say with a full heart that one of the most important things I learned during my trip in Orlando, Florida was how selfless and loving the people of radio are. Radio stations do so much for their communities, and almost 100% of the time they never seek out any recognition. Amongst all of the disasters that have occurred over the years, there was one common factor linking everyone- emotion. We as radio stations are the ones who bring you breaking news, communicate with you on personal levels, and make you a part of our family. Why? Because the people of radio care. After listening to a few speeches recapping some of our most recent natural disasters it gave me a different perspective on how stations serve their local communities. Radio will always be there for you. #COXCARES


    Cox Media Group in one word-AMAZING. The basis of my trip was to serve as part of the Next Gen Program. This program allows individuals from all different positions, markets, and walks of life the opportunity to serve as a representative for their cluster. I had the incredible opportunity to represent the Houston area cluster. #CMGHOUSTON



    Kim Guthrie and Myself

    Kim Guthrie, Myself, and Bill Hendrich

    2018 CMG Next Generation Team

    2018 Next Gen Team with CMG EVP Bill Hendrich




    Houston’s very own KKBQ-FM was presented the Marconi Award for “Legendary Station of the Year”. I am so proud of the accomplishments of my peers and mentors for all of their hard work and dedication to serving the Houston community. #HoustonStrong! Congratulations to everyone.


    Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek


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