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  • When visiting Indianapolis, Indiana there are SO MANY THINGS TO DO. I never realized how …
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    When visiting Indianapolis, Indiana there are SO MANY THINGS TO DO. I never realized how cute of a city Indy really was until my recent visit there. The last time I had been in Indianapolis I was really young, and times before that I was limited to just going to my cousins house and never really being able to explore the city at its full potential. This time however, I took full advantage of just about every opportunity I could! Something I noticed that I loved about Indy was how active the city is! It reminded me so much of Austin in that aspect and I loved it! A little fun fact: my mother was actually born in Indianapolis and the majority of my family lives in Indianapolis and in Illinois. Indy is literally the perfect size city.

    Where to stay in Downtown Indy:

    You can stay just about anywhere in downtown Indianapolis and it will be convenient. During my stay in Indy I stayed at the Westin Downtown Indy. The Westin was basically just like any other Westin hotel, nothing too special about this particular location. There are tons of hotels in their downtown area to choose from, I always check reviews before booking any stay so I always advise you to do the same. The fantastic thing about Indy’s downtown is that it is all connected by a SKYWALK! Yes, a huge skywalk that literally goes in a huge circle around the entire downtown. You can check out the skywalk map here. Check out any of the hotels connected to this skywalk, all  of them are equally as good as the next in my opinion. 

    What to do in Indianapolis:

    • See a performance at The Murat Theatre at the Old National Centre. Needless to say I am a huge Theater person and Indianapolis has got to have some of the most beautiful Theater’s I have ever seen. I am completely obsessed with the old architecture of these buildings. It makes the experience so much more authentic. During my visit in Indy I saw Wicked on Broadway and it was FANTASTIC! I highly recommend seeing it if you haven’t. I am also such a super fan of Broadway I follow both of the lead girls on Instagram and they are best friends in real life.. like, how perfect is that?
    • See a baseball game at Victory Field in Downtown Indy. They have a lot of different things happening on the field this summer so check out their website for more details in regards to their upcoming events.
    • Visit the Children’s Museum in Indy. Fun Fact: The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis is the world’s largest children’s museum. If you are going with family and are looking for something to do with the family, this is a great option!
    • Go to a Colt’s game at Lucas Oil Stadium. If it is football season and you find yourself in the heart of downtown Indy, get yourself some football tickets and hit up a game!
    • Take a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. This is another great option for the entire family. I mean who doesn’t love an adventure to the Zoo to begin with?
    • Take a walk around Monument Circle and see the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument. I loved walking around the Circle and getting to take pictures. It is also a really nice area to grab a bite to eat if you find yourself there on a nice day.
    • Visit the INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY. Hands down one of the best tours you will take this year is their VIP tour around the track. I highly recommend this. This is another great thing for the entire family and it is fun for all ages. Be sure to bring your camera with you because they will stop and allow you to take pictures on the track! I will be doing another feature post specifically on this closer to the race so stay tuned! 😉

    Where to eat:

    A trip is not complete without incredible food. Indy has some great places to eat! I suggest making reservations when possible prior to arrival if you can. My way of choosing restaurants weighs heavily upon fantastic reviews, one of a kind experiences, and great service. Here are a few great places to try out during your Indy stay.

    • Iozzo’s Garden of Italy: This restaurant is located a little bit outside of downtown which makes it such a great option if you are looking for something a little more quaint and intimate. The food, service, and ambiance was perfect. They also have a few lighter options on their menu (something I wish more Italian restaurants had available). This was probably one of my favorite stops. I had the Vegetable Pizza– so good!
    • Nada: If you are looking to get your Mexican food fix than this is the place for you! Their food is absolutely incredible and their decor inside is super unique! I had their chicken tacos –(so much yum). Also– they have the best chips and salsa! 
    • Weber’s Grill Restaurant: We stopped at Weber’s the day that we arrived and I am so glad that we did. I read their reviews online (all of which were extremely positive) so I clearly had to see what all of the hype was about. The restaurant is extremely cute- given that the name is “Weber’s” there are little Weber grills throughout the inside. I loved it!
    • Cafe Patachou: Are you looking for a great brunch spot? Well then this is the place! Not only are the retro type vibes beyond cute, the food is delicious! Oh yeah– and the mimosas (can’t forget those!)
    • Milk Tooth: This is another fantastic brunch option! Milk Tooth is known for its fun cocktails and innovative takes on your typical breakfast foods!

    Indianapolis, Indiana


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